May 11, 2020

Vendor Spotlight: Hope Hunter with Black Tie Babysitting

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Welcome to the home for all things Stohr-ee! Today I am excited to introduce you to one of my favorite vendors! I am sure she will become one of your favorite people as well!

Hope Hunter owner of Black Tie Babysitting!

For those of you who are not familiar with what she does I will happily explain. Black Tie babysitting is a company that handles childcare for weddings and social events. They don’t just come in and “watch” your children, they create an experience for them, that allows them to have fun as well as the adults!

Her passion for her business comes from creating experiences for children that don’t ordinarily get to enjoy time to play and just be kids. When we spoke she told me about one experience that left us both in tears. She was contacted to provide services for a conference that was taking place in Dallas. This conference was for children who suffer from a disease that makes their bones very brittle and in their daily life they had to be quarantined because a simple hit or fall could be life threatening for them.  The young lady who was organizing the conference also had the disease and she said to Hope ” I really want this to be the one time where these kids don’t have to think about the fact they have this disease”

They were able to create an amazing experience for the event, but unfortunately the young lady who was organizing the event passed away and was not able to see it completed. As a memorial to her, her parents attended the conference and came to Hope and personally thanked her for her amazing work and making the event such a success.

I have personally worked with Hope and the Blacktie Babysitting team on multiple occasions and I have nothing but high praise for them. They are professional and take care of your young guests on an exceptional level!

If you would like Hope and her team to take care of your little guests for a wedding, social or corporate event, go to her website fill our their contact form and she will be in touch with you!


Happy Planning!


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