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As a child my mom was very adamant about us learning anything and everything we could and we spent a lot of time in the summer going to the library. I was and still am a voracious reader of both fiction and non-fiction books. I particularly enjoy fiction books because they start you off slow, letting you get to know the characters and each chapter builds to the ultimate culmination. In that same way, your wedding should start off slowly and tell the story of you as a couple and your love for one another throughout each chapter of your day. 

Greetings and Welcome to Stohr-ee Events! 

Thank you for stopping in to learn a little more about our team! I hope to meet you soon, but before I do here’s a little about me. My road to starting a business as a wedding planner is a little unconventional. Prior to starting this chapter in my life, I had dreams of becoming an orthodontist and in fact I spent 10 years working in that field while in the early stages of growing my business. During that time I learned several things: 

1. There is a system to EVERYTHING, once you have created it, it will allow you to create consistent results. 
2. Doing the same thing everyday is not what I was cut out to do. I am truly a creative at heart and it makes me happy to design and experience new things every day. 


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Uncommon experiences excite me! 

WORKING WITH COUPLES THAT ARE OPEN TO CELEBRATE IN UNCONVENTIONAL SPACES, for example a museum, the ruins of a 17th century church, an open field or anything else in between. I am happiest when I get to sit down with my couples, listen to their story and then create and execute an amazing celebration for them - - and it excites me even more if it’s in a space that most people would steer away from. 

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Inspiration can come in many different forms and from many places

When designing a wedding or event, It is important to include elements that are a part of the couples love story. In order to complete the event I pull inspiration from fashion, food, destinations and experiences. 


Never be afraid to be exactly who you are as a couple

There is no "right" look to a wedding. The elements, decor and food for your wedding or celebration should reflect your taste.  Your wedding day should feel comfortable to you as a couple!



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