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Welcome to Stohr-ee Events formerly Simple and Chic Events!
We are the home of uncommon experiences, epic storytelling and an unconventional approach to weddings that you have never seen before! We are not afraid of those spaces that everyone else would try to talk you out of using. From the ruins of a 17th century church in Sweden, to an empty field we are your comprehensive solution to planning a wedding experience that your guests will never forget. Let’s start planning!  

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(Pronounced story)

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Greetings and Welcome to Stohr-ee Events!

Thank you for stopping in to learn a little more about our team! I hope to meet you soon, but before I do here’s a little about me. My road to starting a business as a wedding planner is a little unconventional. Prior to starting this chapter in my life, I had dreams of becoming an orthodontist and in fact I spent 10 years working in that field while in the early stages of growing my business.  During that time I learned several things:

1. There is a system to EVERYTHING, once you have created it, it will allow you to create consistent results.
2. Doing the same thing everyday is not what I was cut out to do. I am truly a creative at heart and it makes me happy to design and experience new things every day.

As a child my mom was very adamant about us learning anything and everything we could and we spent a lot of time in the summer going to the library. I was and still am a voracious reader of both fiction and non-fiction books. I particularly enjoy fiction books because they start you off slow, letting you get to know the characters and each chapter builds to the ultimate culmination. In that same way, your wedding should start off slowly and tell the story of you as a couple and your love for one another throughout each chapter of your day.
Uncommon experiences excite me! Working with couples that are open to celebrate in unconventional spaces, for example a museum, the ruins of a 17th century church, an open field or anything else in between. I am happiest when I get to sit down with my couples, listen to their story and then create and execute an amazing celebration for them - - and it excites me even more if it’s in a space that most people would steer away from. 

Owner and Lead Planner


OUr Team

Assistant Planner


OUr Team

I first met Nicole via email, she wrote me looking for an opportunity to get into the wedding industry. I had a good feeling about her so I met with her and really liked her personality and thought she would be a great fit for the team. 
She has proven me right time and time again. Nivole has a silent power that allows her to move and take care of things on an event day better than anyone I have seen. I have truly enjoyed working with her on each and every event. 


Assistant Planner

OUr Team

Jane was a guest at 4 of my previous weddings.  I got to know her because she is such a giving person. She wasn't even a part of the bridal party but she would volunteer herself to assist in any way she could to make the wedding day go smoothly.
She has the ability to see a need and address it and she is one of the hardest working women I know. 
A little known fact is that she is known for her "dress fluff" right before the bride walks down the aisle.

Our Stohr-ee and Services

 years ago when my husband and I got married, I had no clue how to plan a wedding or what to expect. I had some assistance with planning but it was only for the basic elements of the wedding day. I didn't have anyone to create a day that was personal for my husband and I. 
What drives me is the desire to provide a comprehensive wedding experience that is not only reflective of the couple and their journey, but allows the guests to celebrate their "stohr-ee" and the beginning of their new life together. 
Are you ready to share your "stohr-ee" and get started planning your wedding day? Fill out the contact form to take your first step! We can't wait to create something special for you!




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Wedding Planning SERVICES

From start to finish this is  a comprehensive planning package. We work with you to create and tell your complete stohr-ee on your wedding day. 

Our custom planning package. If you have already started planning your stohr-ee and would like for us to complete all the details.

For the couple who wants to create their own stohr-ee and allow us to tell it. 

Full Production

Partial Planning

Wedding Direction

Destination Services

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Wedding Planning 

Our Wedding Consultant Planning Package gives you the freedom to plan your own wedding but gives you a trusted consultant 4 hrs per month to guide you through the process Also includes our Wedding Direction Package.

Destination Planning

We love to travel and tell your stohr-ee in amazing and unique locations. All of our destination packages are customized due to the unique needs of each of our couples. Contact us and we will create a quote so we can get started on creating your stohr-ee!


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We knew our wedding would be abroad therefore we interviewed wedding planners throughout the globe. We had the opportunity to utilize a local wedding planner in Sweden who knew the area and traditions. At the end of the day, we selected Stohr-ee Events because of their attention to detail, compassion, professionalism and responsiveness. We have zero regrets and could not have been happier with our decision to use Stohr-ee Events!


"How did you know

laura & josh
two weddings in two countries in one week

As an extremely busy and international bride (I live in Geneva, Switzerland and our wedding week was hosted in Dallas), I needed someone I could trust with my vision, and who would think of my behalf, but who would also consider the needs of my husband. Rey did just that. Not only was she flexible with the time difference issues that we had to deal with, but she also kept me organized with the few things that I had to do. Even though I didn't have that much to deal with to begin with, I remember by the end wedding planning process I was over everything and Rey had to pretty much carry me through it! Thank you so much Rey for being a such a professional and also being a friend. I really admire the person that you are and Taylor and I are so glad we went through this process with you

calm &
at peace!"

"I've never felt more

Taylor & eleanor
an international love story for the ages

We could not have picked a better coordinator to stand by our side during the last 8 weeks of planning. Rey brought a sense of calm something I really needed being an out-of-state bride. After interviewing several different coordinators my gut told me Rey was the one and it was right. Even when an issue with a venue arose a week before the wedding she was able to find me a replacement with in 12 hours. I cannot rave enough about her. You won’t regret hiring Rey. It was one of the best decision I made for my own sanity

I had NOTHING to worry about

"She knew just what to do"

Stephen & Jessica
Unconditional love and happiness

HEAR your Stohr-ee 

We can't wait to 


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