May 1, 2020

Be Authentically You…Find your Wedding Style


So you are getting married…Yay!! At this point your friends and family know and they are all asking you details about your wedding day. “When is the date?”  “What are your colors?” “Where are you getting married?”  “How can I help?” and my personal favorite “When we got married we did (fill in the blank), so make sure you do it too!”

One simple google search for wedding inspiration and/or planning can yield thousands of results and before you know it you are frustrated and confused about what you want, where you want it and how to make it happen. If this sounds anything like what you are currently struggling with, I am here to help!

As a wedding planner, I often work with couples that struggle about what they want for their wedding. They are stressed because they are trying to make their parents and friends happy and are neglecting what is most important to them as a couple.

Here are a few tips to help you find your wedding style and create a day that is authentic to you both as a couple.

  1. Make a list of 3 things that you and your fiance enjoy as a couple? ( For example: Wine tasting, cooking, movies, outdoor activities, travel)
  2. What is your personal style?  The easiest way to answer this question is to look at your home and your clothes. What are the dominant colors that you wear? What color are your walls and furniture?
  3. What is most important to you for your wedding day? (Some examples: Food, family, friends, experience, entertainment, location?) List your top 3

Write down the answers to each of these questions. Don’t worry if they seem like they don’t all fit together, it is ok! When we sit down and start planning, your answers will allow us to more accurately plan a unique day for both of you as a couple.

If you are struggling with finding your style for your wedding, we offer a design consultation package, even if you are not a Stohr-ee Couple…Contact Us

As a bonus, you can download a printable list of questions to go through with your fiance to create your personal wedding style find your wedding style


Happy Planning!


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