April 7, 2020

Venue Coordinator vs. Independent Planner


Today we are going to tackle one of the most popular questions that I get asked as a planner from prospective couples.

” There is a coordinator provided with the venue….won’t they take care of everything that you do? Why do we need a planner for our wedding?”


The best way to talk about this topic is to address the myths and correct them with truth to provide you with the most accurate information


MYTH- The venue coordinator will be our planner for the wedding day

TRUTH- For 95% of venue coordinators, their responsibility is the four walls of the venue and catering if the venue has an in house vendor. They are NOT responsible for calling your vendors, overseeing their proper setup and if they arrive on time. That is the responsibility of an independent professional planner


MYTH- They will offer vendor recommendations

TRUTH- This is partly truth and partly myth. Most venues have a preferred vendor list that should be made up of vendors that have the most experience in their venue and can provide the best services. Sadly over the past few years this has become a “pay to play list” meaning that there is a possibility that the vendors on that list haven’t worked at the venue.

As an independent planner I will provide you with recommendations from my TRUSTED vendors. I will NOT recommend any vendor that I do not trust or haven’t worked with.


MYTH- The venue coordinator will track our overall wedding budget and provide us with recommendations to maximize our budget

TRUTH- This is also partially truth and partially a myth. The venue coordinator will provide you with budget friendly recommendations for their services, but they will NOT provide you with options for the remainder of your vendors. As an independent planner, I know you as a client and in addition I have the most accurate and detailed information from vendors. I will be able to provide you with recommendations based on your specific wedding and details.


MYTH- The venue coordinator will provide our vendors, bridal party and family with a detailed timeline, layout and instructions for wedding day.

TRUTH- The venue coordinator actually leans on the planner for the timeline and details. This is because we have the comprehensive details from all the vendors and you and our client. The catering Banquet Event Order (BEO) is based off the the planner’s timeline.


MYTH- The venue coordinator will setup our décor and items for our ceremony and reception

TRUTH- The venue coordinator will NOT be responsible for setting up any of your items and they will NOT keep track of them. As an independent planner, this situation comes with some exceptions and possible additional costs depending on the scope of the setup and the timeline.


I hope this will help you understand a little more about the differences between an independant planner and a venue coordinator.  Feel free to download this Venue vs Independant Planner At a glance quick reference guide.

Happy Planning!


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