May 3, 2019

How to be a Good Wedding Guest: Wedding Vendor Advice Part 2 (Reception Edition)

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Greetings and Welcome to the second part of “How to be a Good Wedding Guest!”  In our first segment we discussed a few items from each of the vendors that will give you all the tools to be a good guest during the wedding ceremony. I went back to these same vendors and asked them for advice to give to you to be an even better guest at the reception

I will protect the names of the guilty and also those who shared those stories. So if you are looking for a funny in your day sit tight and enjoy the ride!


How to be a Good Wedding Guest… Part 2

Tales and Solutions from your Favorite Wedding Professionals


Photographer- When you are asked to leave the ceremony and head to the cocktail hour or reception. LEAVE QUICKLY! The longer it takes you to leave the ceremony, the longer you will wait in the cocktail hour space before entering the reception. The couple needs to take photos with their family, they DO NOT need you to stick around and hug them and further prolong this process. Also this is not the time to bring out your camera and shoot behind the photographer…He or she DOESN’T need your help!


Videographer- When you see that the videographer is walking around the cocktail or reception area, please do not stop him and ask to give your own private message to the bride and groom. That is not his job, unless they specifically ask you for a message.



Caterer-  (1) When you see the waitstaff setting up, if you see them setting up please stay out of the way. They do not need your help.  (2) If you picked the chicken for your meal 4 weeks ago when you rsvp’d, DO NOT change your choice to fish at the reception because it looks good. There is a reason the bride and groom asked you for your choices prior to the wedding. (3) Do NOT ask the caterer if you can have the leftovers to take home…you didn’t pay for it, you don’t get leftovers


Planners- (1) If there is a seating chart/board, please take a moment to find your table number and if you don’t see it don’t wait until the doors open to ask someone, do it right away. (2) DO NOT ask the planning team who else is sitting at your table, the bride and groom have assigned you to this table, please just sit there and be happy! (3) When it is time to be seated in the reception space, please move quickly, find your table and be seated. The longer you take, the longer it takes for the reception to start and for you to eat. (4) The wedding planner team is not your personal concierge or assistant. It is not our job to locate your lost phone, watch or wedding program that you wrote someones number on…Please be a responsible adult and keep up with your stuff. (5) We are NOT childcare workers, we are NOT going to keep up with your children. If you want to dance, drink and party, please arrange for your children to stay at home.

Venue- (1)Please be respectful and stay in the designated areas for the wedding. It is rude to wander around the venue and more importantly allow your children to wander around the venue unattended. (2)

Dj- The bride and groom have spent time talking with their dj about the songs they would like at their wedding. The dj has taken time to create a playlist for their wedding. That means that you DO NOT under any circumstances camp out at the dj booth and ask them to play 15 line dances and the chicken dance. If they ignore you the first time, take it as a hint and move on! This is not your wedding and if you want to hear a specific song there is always Itunes, Spotify or even YouTube.

This is all to be taken very light hearted but the message is clear. If you are guest at your friend or relative’s wedding and they have so graciously invited you to come, please be on your best behavior. They are spending a lot of money to host you and please be respectful of their choices and a gracious guest.

Have a great day and Happy guesting!!!





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