January 21, 2019

How to be a Good Wedding Guest: Wedding Vendor Advice Part 1 (Ceremony Edition)

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Greetings to my fellow Stohr-ee family!


As a wedding planner I have the opportunity to celebrate love and marriage in so many different ways and I LOVE it!  Once in a while I get together with other planner and vendor friends of mine and we discuss comical situations that have occurred during our weddings and how to deal with those situations.

This is the inspiration for this blog post. I will protect the names of the guilty and also those who shared those stories. So if you are looking for a funny in your day sit tight and enjoy the ride!


How to be a Good Wedding Guest…

Tales and Solutions from your Favorite Wedding Professionals


 From our Photographers– Please tell your mom, auntie and/or grandparents not to attempt to take picture with their ENTIRE computer…in the middle of the aisle. First and foremost the resolution is TERRIBLE and you are blocking a very skilled, highly paid photographer from getting the ONLY shot that the bride requested. Do you want the bride to be unhappy that you and your personal computer are in the middle of the only shot she wanted to put on her mantle?  Solution: Only use your cell phone….FROM YOUR SEAT 


From the Videographers- No matter how much you want to get a photo of the bride coming down the aisle DO NOT step in front of the well dressed professional operating a very expensive camera to just take a short video for Instagram. You can not be edited out of the video and her walk down the aisle can NOT be reshot.  Solution: Only use your cell phone…..FROM YOUR SEAT

From the Planning Team (Ceremony)-   (1)If you are asked to wait until the BRIDE enters the ceremony please do and don’t fuss or complain. You are already late to the wedding and waiting 5 minutes until she gets down the aisle won’t make a difference. Do not try to sneak in ahead of the bride and ruin all her photos by being in the middle of all her photos. (2) If you are late and the ceremony has started and you are not allowed to enter the ceremony site, please do not ask to speak to the bride or try to loud talk the planner or her assistant who is just doing what the bride has requested   Solution: Respect the planning team and the brides wishes.

From the DJ– If you are a soloist or reader at the wedding ceremony, please do NOT hit the microphone and say “Is this thing on?”. First of all that damages their very expensive equipment and second, yes it is on and you are very loud. Solution: When you walk up front, pick up the microphone and count to 10 before you speak and you will have no issues.

From the Glam Squad (Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist)Bridal Party Only–   (1) NO you can not only get your eyes done and pay less for their services. (2) If you have sensitive skin, please discuss this with the bride and/or makeup artist prior to having your makeup done. (3) Just because you have watched several hundred makeup tutorials on YouTube doesn’t mean that you are now a makeup artist so sit back and let the professional work. If the bride wanted your “expert” knowledge she would have hired you! (4) DO NOT show up late with dirty hair and an unwashed face and expect them to work miracles, be responsible and follow the instructions of the bride and/or their planner which is always clean dry hair and a clean washed face. Solution: Follow instructions, be ON TIME and keep all of your “expert” tips to yourself

From the Venue– (1) This is not your home, this is a place of business. Do not leave your personal items laying around. Do not put your feet on the furniture and do not let your children run unsupervised all over the facility (2) Do not leave your food or drink ALL over the place, the window sill is not a place for your empty beer bottle and the piano is not a place for your empty plate.  Solution: Clean up after yourself and watch your children

From the Florist/ Decorator– (1) Do not try to take apart the floral arrangement to “see how its made”. The bride and groom paid a lot of money and they didn’t choose you for a reason. (2) Do not decide to “move” any arrangements or decor because you think they will look better in a different location. THIS IS NOT YOUR WEDDING, PLEASE SIT DOWN.(3) We do not need your “expert” advice on what to do if you arrive early and want to “help”  Solution: Sit down and keep your hands and “expert” advice to yourself. AT ALL TIMES


At Stohr-ee Events we want the best for our couples and their guests, I hoped you enjoyed our light hearted instruction manual for being a good guest and participant. Please forward to your family and friends so the next time you are a guest you are the best one you can be!  Stay tuned for Part 2…The Reception


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