January 1, 2019

Welcome to Stohr-ee Events and Happy New year!

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We are so excited to welcome you to 2019 and the first year of Stoh-ee Events!

In 2009, when I first has the idea become a wedding planner I had no idea what to do.   I went straight to my local library and learned all that I could about all things weddings. As a child, my mother took us to the library every Thursday to check out books about any topic.  My love for learning and getting to know the how and why of any and everything started at a very young age.

Again in 2015, when I left my job and became a full time wedding planner, where did I go?  Of course Google was a great resource, but I went to the library and checked out and read all the books I could.  In the past 3 years my clientele has grown and I noticed that my journey with each of my couples were very close to a great book…You have the introduction, the characters and each chapter of the book adds to the story.

Just like that, Stohr-ee Events was born!  Our focus with our couples is to learn their individual stohr-ee and work with them to create a wedding experience that tells that stohr-ee to their family and friends.

Our blog will be that space where we share them with you! You will see our couple’s, learn about wedding trends, a little fashion and get to know a lot about the Stohr-ee staff!

Welcome to 2o19 and we can’t wait to share more Stohr-ee’s with you!!



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